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 R.. R... R... Revamp!

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R.. R... R... Revamp! Empty
PostSubject: R.. R... R... Revamp!   R.. R... R... Revamp! EmptySun Dec 09, 2007 2:25 pm

Thats right!

The forum has just had a lovely Revamp, that we hope you'll enjoy!

Also check out the jobs page. Lots of jobs available to you, with a copy and paste, private message to ConverseInk or Trusted, type in the info, and send! Voila, then your application will be read, if your lucky, you'll be accepted, if your not so lucky, well.... you know the awnser...

Also we know have a main site, bear with us, we will be getting domains very shortly, and a radio. So any DJ's out their can apply in advance, just PM me with the information on the jobs page.

On the goodies page we have a habbo font maker, click the name of the style you want, type your words, and bam, their you have your very own name in habbo writing!

Last but not least, Our main site, just take a look at our NEW navigation bar, then click Main site, and here we have it, Designed by Geena & Chris, Read the pages and Advertise

So Get inviting people, More members = More competitions = More Prizes.

Thats one maths sum you want to get right!


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R.. R... R... Revamp!
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